Best golf weekends nearby

As corona increases so does the interest for playing golf. Reason is simplae: Golfing is corona safe. In order to get time to golf you need either to travel or to live next to a course. Since we are in midst of corona traveling is not a great advice. This means you got to find a place to live where you got a great choice of courses.

  1. California – Great courses and nice weather. Biggest drawback is the traffic which is a bit of a mess especially living in LA. Also weather can get to dry sometimes.
  2. Tampa – yeah. Increible courses, nice climate but to hard to get a good tee time. Still great place.
  3. Marbella, Spain. – Winter is not to cold. Courses are open all year around. Great conditions. Expensive place though and greenfees are high.
  4. Capetown – nice climate. bit chilly in winter time. But the whole package is here. Fewer tourists. for good and bad golfing is an upper class sport. less people play but also quite expensive.

Whats your favorit place for a golf weekend or living to be a golfer? Ed Young is based in Sweden so we have a short season but instead we have bright summer nights so you can play 24/7 during the summer months.